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Phase 1: Mulayam puts SP ahead

Friday 6 April 2007, by KUMAR*Sanjay

NEW DELHI, APRIL 5: The Samajwadi Party appears to be the strongest among all parties in the 62 constituencies which go to polls in the first phase of elections in Uttar Pradesh on April 7.

The 62 constituencies constitute mainly Bundelkhand, where traditionally the SP has done better than other parties. The Indian Express-CNN-IBN-CSDS survey conducted during the third week of March also indicated that the region remains a SP stronghold even though this time the contest is bipolar, between the SP and BSP.

In the 2002 Assembly polls, the SP had won 24 of these 62 seats, getting 26.65 per cent of the votes. In comparison, the BJP got 16 and the BSP 14 seats.

In the 2004 Lok Sabha elections, the SP did better, leaving behind all parties in the share of votes. It garnered 40.67 per cent of the votes, while the BJP was a distant second at 25.16 per cent.

The strength of the SP in the region seems to be Mulayam Singh Yadav, who remains more popular here compared to other parts of UP. According to The Indian Express-CNN-IBN-CSDS survey, 39 per cent of the people in these 62 constituencies want him as CM, compared to 30 per cent overall in the state.

It is this popularity that seems to be working in the SP’s favour, as people don’t seem to be very happy with the developmental work done by the Mulayam government in the region. More people in this region felt that the condition of roads and hospitals, and power supply and irrigation had deteriorated as compared to what people generally felt all over UP on these issues.

While 26 per cent of the people in these constituencies felt that the condition of roads was worse, the figure was only 20 per cent for the rest of the state. Twenty-four per cent felt hospitals were worse, as compared to only 21 per cent elsewhere, while 37 per cent were unhappy with the irrigation facilties as against only 28 per cent in rest of UP.

But Mulayam fared worst on power, with 41 per cent feeling the supply of electricity had become more irregular as compared to 29 per cent elsewhere.

Mayawati’s popularity is slightly lower in this region compared to her popularity all over the state, while there is hardly any difference in levels of popularity of Kalyan Singh and Rahul Gandhi.

NDTV puts Maya ahead

NEW DELHI: BSP leader Mayawati is set to take the lead in UP. Results of NDTV’s opinion poll show that there may be a hung assembly, but Mayawati’s BSP is set to emerge as the single largest party.

The poll covered a sample size of 16,000 voters in 133 constituencies across UP. The fieldwork was done between March 2 and April 2, 2007, by GfK-MODE.

See online : The Indian Express

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