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"We will remove social inequities"

Thursday 28 December 2006

Special Correspondent

Muslims have an unequal share: Manmohan

Muslims have an unequal share of fruits of development "Untouchability is a blot on humanity"

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said here on Wednesday the Government was committed to removing imbalances and inequities in society so that everyone got an equal share in the country’s growth.

Inaugurating a Dalit-Minority International Conference, organised by the Lok Jan Shakti Party, Dr. Singh, however, said steps in this regard should be taken without hurting the growth process and reducing the incentives for individual enterprise and creativity.

Referring to the Sachar Committee findings, he said some minorities, especially from among Muslims, had an unequal share of the fruits of development and it was incumbent upon any democratically elected government to eradicate such inequities.

The United Progressive Alliance Government was committed to doing this.

Dr. Singh said that some minorities, such as Jains and Sikhs, did better than other minorities, especially Muslims.

Data in the report of a high-level committee on the "Social, Economic and Educational Status of the Muslim community of India" had pointed this out.

"It is incumbent upon any democratically elected government to redress such imbalances and eradicate such inequities. I assure you, our Government is indeed committed to doing this."

Dr. Singh said: "It is true that the Muslim minorities in our country have not got an equitable share of the fruits of development. Therefore, practical ways and means have to be explored to redress this basic inequity in the functioning of our democracy. There are problems facing the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes too.

"Such problems arise when it comes to acquiring land for certain purposes, the problems of the displaced persons and their livelihood and those who are forced to migrate in search of a livelihood to cities, the growing homelessness in urban conglomerates, these are all genuine issues and they, I can assure you, will receive the attention they deserve."

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