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Manmohan degrading Muslims, says BJP

Thursday 28 December 2006

New Delhi: The BJP accused Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of "degrading" Muslims with his remarks that the community has not had equal share in the country’s development process.

"By calling them [Muslims] backward time and again, the Prime Minister, in fact, is degrading the community," senior BJP leader Vijay Kumar Malhotra said here.

He said his party believed that the ruling UPA should focus its attention on all groups living in poverty.

"This is nothing but communalism if you keep speaking about a single community. Rather, attention should be given to all those who live below the poverty line, irrespective of what religion or caste they belong to," Mr. Malhotra said. He cited Buddhists as example, saying the community’s economic condition in the country was also bad. - PTI

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