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I am happy: Balakrishnan

Saturday 23 December 2006

Special Correspondent

KOCHI: K.G. Balakrishnan , seniormost judge of the Supreme Court, who is to assume the office of Chief Justice of India on January 14, has received the news of his elevation with ?lan.

He told the media here on Friday that he was happy to assume the post but added that it was "a heavy responsibility."

"I am aware of the huge responsibility it casts on me," he added.

Educational scenario

He recalled that it was the special educational scenario in Kerala which enabled the likes of him to ascend to greater heights.

Despite social handicaps, people like K.R. Narayanan (incidentally Mr. Justice Balakrishnan hails from the same region as did the former President) could go up the social ladder in view of the strong, broad-based, educational system of the State, which offered opportunities to those who worked hard.

Expects cooperation

Mr. Justice Balakrishnan thanked those who had helped him reach the top post.

"I want to thank all those party to the judicial system who helped me and hope they would continue to extend their cooperation further."

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