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Jayalalithaa has done injustice to Dalits: Chidambaram

Tuesday 11 April 2006, by RAGUNATHAN*A.V.

"Administrative deterioration made Tamil Nadu lag behind Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka"

CUDDALORE: Union Minister for Finance P. Chidambaram on Monday alleged that administrative deterioration had made Tamil Nadu lag behind Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and Chief Minister Jayalalithaa was to be blamed for this.

Addressing an all-party meeting at Kattumannarkoil, about 70 km from here, to introduce Congress candidate P. Vallal Peruman, the Finance Minister said Ms. Jayalalithaa deserved a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for frequently changing officials and Ministers.

In the past five years, she had changed the Chief Secretary five times; Home Secretary four times; Director-Generals of Police five times, and Industrial Minister nine times.

He would bring out a report on April 15 highlighting what had gone wrong with Tamil Nadu.

Mr. Chidambaram charged the Jayalalithaa Government with having done injustice to the Dalits.

It had kept two Dalit officials R.C. Gandhi and Sivagami on "compulsory wait list," denied postings to two Dalit candidates eligible for District Collector posts and also withheld IAS Selection Grade postings to 13 Dalits.

Just by joining hands with Thol. Thirumavalavan, general secretary of the Dalit Panthers of India, Ms. Jayalalithaa could not gloss over the injustice done to the community, he said.

A challenge

He said running an alliance was an art and this was being daily practised by the Central Government. However, by luring away a leader who was earlier with the Democratic Progressive Alliance (MDMK leader Vaiko), Ms. Jayalalithaa had thrown a challenge at the alliance and the cadres, and the latter should dislodge such an unabashed display of power, he said.

Sethu project

Sethusamudram project was a boon to southern States. It was an irony that one who welcomed the project (Mr. Vaiko) and one who opposed it (Ms. Jayalalithaa) had now come together. Would they reverse their stance on the project now? Mr. Chidambaram asked.

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