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UGC moots uniform academic calendar, invites varsities’ views

Monday 10 April 2006, by RAMACHANDRAN*K.

CHENNAI: Do you, as a college student, feel frustrated when the final examination results are delayed in only your university, while other university results are out and their students file their applications for higher studies?

Or have you felt you are missing a chance to get into a new college only because the results in your State are delayed?

The crux of the problem is this: different universities have varying examination and result publication schedules. This variation is the main factor preventing inter-State or inter-university movement of students.

Now the University Grants Commission (UGC) has asked universities across India to submit their views on following a uniform academic calendar.

Draft regulation

The Commission has formed a committee to prepare a feasibility report for establishing the system in universities at a national level. According to the UGC’s draft regulation on the emerging concept, "Every University in the country shall ensure that classes for all courses other than professional courses for the first year students shall commence by not later than the first week of August."

It goes on to say that for students of second year onwards, classes should begin not later than the third week of July. The results for all the courses shall be declared before the last week of June.

The UGC has said the new regulation would apply to all universities, all institutions recognised by or affiliated to such universities, and all institutions deemed to be universities.

A flexibility of up to two weeks can be allowed for professional courses for start of classes for students of second year and later. This was done keeping in view the requirement of project work, summer schools and internship in professional courses, the regulation adds.

The Commission’s draft regulation is being circulated to all universities for their feedback. It has also been placed on the UGC’s website to obtain a feedback from students, teachers and the general public.

According to S.P. Thyagarajan, Vice-Chancellor, University of Madras, "The move is welcome on two counts: a uniform calendar definitely improves student mobility across the country. It will also help students seek admission to the best of universities or even the best jobs. In some States, the exams get delayed so the students studying undergraduate degree programmes will not be able to pursue their higher education."

See online : The Hindu

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