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RSS trains guns on Digvijay, NHRC


Saturday 4 October 2003, by BHAGWAT*Ramu

Article paru dans le Times of India, ?dition du samedi 4 octobre 2003.

NAGPUR: Rashtriya Swayasevak Sangh chief K S Sudarshan in his traditional Vijayadashami speech on Saturday attacked the National Human Rights Commission for its action in Best Bakery case. He also came down heavily against Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh and accused him of alienating Dalits from Hindu society to meet his narrow needs of vote bank politics.

Importantly, Madhya Pradesh is going to the polls later this year. The sarsanghachalak’s specific reference to politics of Digvijay Singh, defending the Gujarat incidents and once again pitching for the Ram temple provided a political undertone to his speech. The RSS chief’s address to the traditional rally of `swayamsewaks’ in full uniform is an eagerly awaited one by political observers as it reflects the mood of the Hindu monolithic body and indicates policies it would adopt for the coming year.

"...Strange is the behaviour of our Human Rights Commission. In the Best Bakery case when the accused were set free because the main eye-witness turned hostile, The NHRC rushed to the Supreme Court saying that justice cannot be rendered to the victims in Gujarat and hence the case be re-tried in a court outside the state. But when those accused of burning down the whole of Radhabai Chawl in Mumbai riots on February 1, 1993 were set free by a lower court for want of evidence, why did not the NHRC come forward to take that case to the apex court", the RSS chief asked.

Is it because those killed in the Chawl episode were all Hindus, Sudarshan further asked. He also did no fail to point out that that "almost all the accused were set free in the 1984 killings of Sikhs by mobs led by Congress leaders. because the prime witness had changed her statement. Why did the NHRC fail to take note of it," the RSS chief asked and remarked: "Will not the extreme concern for Muslims and Christians and utter disregard for Hindus by the NHRC make people question the impartiality of it?

"It is an open secret that the Madhya Pradesh government was hand-in-glove with the Church," the RSS chief said. He alleged that the Digvijay Singh government had let loose terror on activists of Sangh outfit Sewa Bharati for organising a Hindu Sammelan for tribals at Jhabua. The MP government had also published a Bhopal Declaration last year for which Singh wrote a preface. Authors in that publication had written remarks like : Unless Dalits come out of Hindu fold, no struggle for emancipation can ever be won......An ideal Dalit movement should be carried under the leadership of Christians.

"Singh does not want to see Dalits as part of Hindu society. How can he create a vote bank of scheduled castes and tribes without promoting a sense of alienation in their minds," remarked Sudarshan.

A major portion of Sudarshan’s speech was devoted to the need of assimilating Dalits in the Hindu society. He said descendants of saint Valmiki, the Valmiki community were condemned to work as scavengers because, these originally warrior community bravely refused to give up their Hindu religion and to convert into Muslims. "Instead of bestowing them (the Valmikis) the highest honour, the Hindu society chose to accord them the lowest place only," he lamented.

"The RSS has been from the beginning striving to ameliorate Hindu ssociety above differences of caste, creed, sect, language and region and mould it into a united society. But efforts to disintegrate our society are on by those religions which believe in proselytisation and which have not been able to integrate with the cultural stream of this land," the RSS chief regretted.

On the Ram temple issue he said, "Those opposing construction of Ram temple at Ayodhya are looking at it as a Hindu-Muslim problem. In fact, is is matter of restoring the national honour. Babar came here as a invader and his commander Mir Baqi demolished a 11th-12th century temple at Ayodhya and constructed a mosque in its place. He did not do it with any religious motive. It was done with sole objective on inflicting insult on a defeated people," Sudarshan said.

"The same was done at Kashi and Mathura ... 3000 temples were destroyed and from their remnants mosques were built. The national honour was deeply hurt because of it." he added.

"Like the ASI evidence supporting existence of the temple at Ayodhya, over a dozen court verdicts in Mathura case favour Hindus but Muslims have refused to give up their claims," the RSS chief alleged.

Sudarshan, who was recovering from a bout of Malaria could deliver only half of his speech, the remaining portion was read out by senior RSS functionary M G Vaidya. The speech also noted with satisfaction that commerce minister Arun Jaitley had at the recent Cancun meet of WTO and earlier Murasoli Maran at the Doha round had refused to yield any ground to the US and EU to have developed countries have their way at the cost of developing nations.

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