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US wants India as partner for its new global plan

Friday 10 February 2006

Associate Press

New Delhi, February 9: The United States may invite India to join its new plan on global cooperation in nuclear fuel reprocessing and also seek to bring New Delhi into an international group pushing for new generation nuclear reactors, said officials on Thursday.

US officials on Wednesday briefed the Indian government about the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership - or GNEP - plan that would eventually allow American companies to sell fuel to others on the condition that it would be returned to the United States for reprocessing.

The presentation was made during a meeting between US Under Secretary of Energy David Garman and Indian Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran, held to review progress in ongoing talks on a civilian nuclear deal between the two countries, the Indian foreign ministry said in a statement.

The officials also discussed India’s possible participation in the 11-country Generation IV Forum on new generation nuclear power plants, a US Embassy official said.

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