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Information system aims to bridge rural-urban divide

Wednesday 8 February 2006, by SRINIVASAN*Meera

The project plans to make villagers computer literate and help them use information

CHENNAI: Villagers of Sadraskuppam, near Kalpakkam, have a target to meet.

By February 2007, they would have to be computer-literate and well connected with the outside world and should be able to access information on just about anything.

To take up the challenging task, they have the support of the Natural Resources Data Management System (NRDMS) of the Centre’s Department of Science and Technology and Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai.

The `Village Information System’ launched at Sadraskuppam (about 65 km south of Chennai) on Monday, is a joint initiative of the Sathyabama Deemed University and the NRDMS.

"The focus is to bridge the rural-urban divide. All the facilities a city enjoys should be made available to villages," said Jeppiar, University Chancellor, who donated two computers to the village.

Self-help groups could utilise the facilities for their benefit. Scientists from the college’s Remote Sensing unit would be visiting the village regularly to monitor the project.

It would also help compile a comprehensive database on family members, educational background and property ownership.

Information on loans and government policies would be made accessible to them.

R. Siva Kumar, Head, NRDMS & NSDI division said, "This is the first village in the country to take up the project. Technology should, besides helping the educated, empower illiterates."

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