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In jail without trial since 1968

Monday 6 February 2006

All records pertaining to the 70-year-old man are missing from police files

Jagjivan Ram Yadav is in jail for allegedly killing his neighbour’s wife 38 years ago The trial court can neither grant him bail nor take up charges against him because no records exist

LUCKNOW: Jagjivan Ram Yadav of Faizabad district has already spent 38 years in jail without trial. And this is not all.

The bail plea of the 70-year-old was also rejected, since all records pertaining to him are missing from police files. The trial court can neither grant him bail nor expeditiously take up charges against him for trial because no records exist.

Jagjivan remained anonymous since he allegedly killed his neighbour’s wife in 1968. His case resurfaced on July 5, 2005 at the district jail. The prison authorities sought a directive from the court about Jagjivan’s status as an undertrial.

Additional sessions judge, Faizabad, Lal Chandra Tripathi — before whom the undertrial was produced — sought records from Khandaga police station, where the case against him was registered.

In response, the police have so far sent two replies stating its inability to provide full details of the case.

On January 18, when Jagjivan was again produced, the judge — after getting the same reply by the police — observed, ``Persons booked in heinous crimes are out on bail. And, it is pathetic to note that this man has been languishing in jail for 38 years.’’

Inspector Dhrub Chandra of Khandaga police station told the court on January 1 that his father’s name was Mathura Prasad and a case (15/68) — filed against him by Badri Prasad Tiwari — was still pending.

``No more information can be provided as records on subsequent action against him could not be found,’’ he mentioned.

On January 12, the same police officer informed the court that the chargesheet against the accused was sent to court, but for register number 8 containing details about him, nothing else was recorded.

According to Faizabad District Jailor Subhash Chandra, Jagjivan was sent to Varanasi for treatment after his mental health deteriorated, on the basis of an administrative order dated December 7, 1968.

``We came to know about him in July last year when he was sent back from a Varanasi hospital. We are just custodians of the man so we wanted to know from the court, under what authority should we keep in jail,’’ claimed Chandra.

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