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Top Naxal leader killed in encounter

Saturday 2 July 2005

HYDERABAD: A top Naxalite leader of CPI (ML-Janashakti), Riyaz Khan, and three of his associates were killed by the police between Badankal and Chikod villages in Andhra’s Karimnagar district in early hours of Friday.

Naxalite and civil liberties groups said it was a cold-blooded killing. Riyaz’s undisclosed detention late on Thursday evening was reported in the late editions of Telugu newspapers here on Friday morning.

Janashakti spokesman Chandranna said Riyaz Khan, the party’s central committee member whose real name was Venkateshwarlu, was picked up from a hospital in Hyderabad along with district committee secretaries Vijay and Suresh and courier Gautam on Thursday evening. They were executed in Karimnagar.

DGP Swaranjit Sen and Karimnagar SP Devender Singh Chowhan vowed that it was a genuine encounter. Riyaz, along with Janashakti state secretary, Amar, participated in the peace talks with the government last October.

The Karimnagar police reeled off a ?story’ about the encounter: A police patrol ran into a group of 10 Naxals having a meeting and the first shot was fired by the guerrillas; four of them fell to the return fire by policemen. The bodies of the slain Naxals were taken to government hospital where, in the presence of a magistrate, doctors conducted a post-mortem.

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