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Indian CEOs a class apart: Survey

Thursday 16 June 2005

Most top Indian CEOs are engaged in seeking new information technology and ideas to improve their businesses as opposed to their US and European counterparts for whom issues such as reputation and succession planning are more significant, according to a latest survey.

Nearly all outstanding Indian CEOs, out of 30 interviewed, consistently seek out new information, technology and ideas to improve their businesses, the study conducted by Hay Group, a global human resources consulting firm, found.

This sets them apart from their US and European counterparts, where less than half said growth was the top priority, it said adding compared to their (outstanding) peers in other countries, the Indians showed virtually no focus on internal organisational politics or personnel issues.

It said business leaders in US and Europe concentrated more on reputation, cultural change and succession planning.

The survey, completed last year, examined the traits, behaviour and motives of 30 CEOs of India’s top publicly traded companies.

The 18-month study, commissioned by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, was undertaken to assist India’s Public Enterprise Selection Board which is responsible for evaluating and appointing CEOs and senior executives of publicly owned companies, the group said.

The study identified four key areas that set Indian CEOs apart from outstanding top executives in other countries: growth and innovation, altruistic business philosophy, patience and integrity and formal and professional workplace relationships.

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