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UPA partners pact in disarray: Paswan sticks to stand

Wednesday 15 June 2005

Patna, Jun 15 (PTI): An electoral understanding among the UPA partners in Bihar is in disarray with LJP president Ramvilas Paswan once again ruling out rapproachement with the RJD saying a party which had mourned the demise of LJP cannot be termed a friend.

"Where was RJD supremo and Railway minister Lalu Prasad when my MLAs were being poached by the NDA to cobble together majority. Instead of playing a positive role, he tried to further aggravate the situation and even congratulated Nagmani former Union minister, after he parted company with us to stir a revolt", Paswan said.

"We will never forget that Lalu Prasad and his colleagues started mourning what they termed as death of the LJP when some of my party MLAs were abducted and kept in Jharkhand", he said and asked do you think that mourners of our death will later turn out to be friends?".

"Obviously not", he said adding he would take up the issue of alliance with the Congress president and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi.

Nagmani had resigned from LJP a few days before the party MLAs had travelled to Jharkhand, sparking off a major controversy leading to dissolution of the state assembly on the charges of what Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Governor Buta Singh had dubbed as "the worst-kind of horsetrading taking place in Bihar".

While commenting on desertion of the LJP MLAs, Lalu Prasad had said "What all we can do at present is that we can mourn the death of LJP which became defunct after its MLAs left Paswan alone".

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