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Advani a grave liability: Sangh Pariwar

Saturday 4 June 2005, by CHAWARE*Dilip

MUMBAI: Senior Sangh pariwar leaders have told BJP that it will have to choose between Hindutva and Lal Krishna Advani, who is described by them as a "grave liability who will have to be discarded soon."

The pariwar is deeply upset with Advani’s statement that the Babri masjid demolition was the darkest day in his life.

It is also sore with him for paying tributes to Mohammed Ali Jinnah at the latter’s mausoleum in Karachi on Saturday.

A top RSS activist disclosed to TOI on Saturday that VHP had been directed to lead the attack against Advani for his statements in Pakistan. He said, "RSS never reacts to political developments directly. In this instance, the responsibility to mount the attack has been entrusted to VHP."

The activist said VHP president Ashok Singhal was the first to target Advani. This was done on the direction of RSS. The activist, a powerful leader, is regarded as a link between BJP and pariwar.

Though no BJP leader is ready to speak against Advani on record, an influential functionary said Advani’s fate would be sealed in the next few days in Mumbai. The occasion is ...

... the scheduled ’National Study Camp,’ which will be held at the Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini (RMP) at Uttan outside Mumbai.

The four-day meet, beginning June 10, would be attended by around 200 BJP leaders from across the country.

The functionary said one of the items to be discussed at the camp will be Advani’s visit to Pakistan and his various statements "which have destroyed the Hindutva agenda."

Predicting that Advani will have to do a lot of explaining, the functionary said the initial reaction to Advnai’s statements was that BJP would not be able to win a single seat for the next 10 years, "Unless Advani is completely disowned by the pariwar and BJP."

While a wave of anger was sweeping through the saffron mega-family because of Advani’s ’lament’ over the Babri demolition in Pakistan on Friday, pariwar leaders were dumbfounded on Saturday when Advani’s accolades on Mohamed Ali Jinnah were shown by various TV channels.

"The man responsible for partition can never become our hero. Advani has committed sacrilege by euologising Jinnah," an enraged RSS leader confided to TOI on Saturday. "Wait for a few days and see what happens," he said, indicating that BJP would have to abdicate either Advani or the pariwar. The choice would be obvious, he remarked.

Advani was the first Indian leader to bow before Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s grave, a VHP leader said.

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