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Vajpayee flays UPA Govt. for dissolving Bihar Assembly

Friday 27 May 2005

Bhuntar (Kullu), May. 27 (PTI): Former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, today criticised the UPA Government for dissolving the Bihar Assembly saying it had thwarted the possibility of formation of popular Government in the State.

Refuting the allegations of trading of MLAs, Vajpayee said if there was any trading of MLAs it should have been stopped by the Government and dissolution of the Assembly "under the pretext was not right".

There was scope of formation of a popular Government in Bihar but the dissolution had thwarted such a possibility, he told reporters on his arrival at Bhuntar airport near Kullu.

Vajpayee expressed hope that the NDA consisting of the BJP, JD(U) will form the Government in Bihar after fresh elections.

Chiding those "trying to dislodge" Gujarat Chief Minister Narender Modi, by "undemocratic means", he said they should know that public opinion was with him.

Vajpayee said those people who had failed to defeat Modi through valid means are trying such tactics like appointing a committee to prove the State Government’s role in the post-Godhra riots.

About the one-year rule of the UPA Government, he said it has failed to perform. The UPA Government should speed-up the development work started by the NDA Government and also take up new works, he added.

Vajpayee said he was waiting for the last one year for the UPA Government to do something adding it should formulate good policies and "continue the good work done by us".

The former Prime Minister said the Opposition would support all the good works and policies of the UPA Government.

Observing that country was passing through transition and change was imminent, he said change should be for good not for anything bad for which directions should be given.

He said providing employment was major challenge but policies have to be made to meet this daunting task.

Earlier, former Chief Minister P K Dhumal, State BJP President Suresh Bharadwaj, Lok Sabha member Suresh Chandel, and others party leaders received Vajpayee at the airport.

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