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Israelis to visit kin in Indian prisons

Monday 11 April 2005

Some ten Israelis have been in Indian jails ranging from a few months to four years after being caught selling or transferring drugs like Marijuana, Yediot Ahronoth daily said.

Israel has also asked the Indian authorities to expedite the trial process in view of the extremely slow judicial process, the report said.

However, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev, when contacted, did not confirm or deny such a request.

"We do not interfere in the judicial process of any country and tell our young travellers that it is incumbent upon them to honour the laws of India," Regev told the agency.

"If they have done something against the law of that country, they should face the consequences," he said.

The jailed Israeli nationals come from "good families with no criminal past", the daily claimed.

"Our children are in a very bad condition and treated like animals. I do not say that they should not be punished but they are being denied basic human rights. Our visits in the prison helps them," said father of an Israeli jailed in India more than two years ago on charges of carrying one kilogram of marijuana.

The oldest among the Israeli prisoners is said to have got a ten years sentence recently after having already spent four years in the jail for trying to smuggle marijuana hidden in a package to Japan, the daily reported.

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