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All terms acceptable if Paswan merges LJP with JD(U): Nitish

Monday 11 April 2005

New Delhi, April. 11 (PTI): In the continuing war of words between them, senior JD(U) leader Nitish Kumar, today said that all conditions, including severing ties with the BJP put forth by LJP leader Ram Vilas Paswan, for Government formation were acceptable if Paswan merged his party with the JD(U).

"All his conditions are acceptable. This includes even those which have not been made public so far provided Paswan agrees to merge the LJP with the JD(U)", he told reporters on the sidelines of his party’s National Executive meeting here.

Giving a new spin, he said the JD(U) would agree to not only severing ties with the BJP but also on the Chief Ministerial candidate belonging to the minority community.

"Paswan has put many conditions all of which will be acceptable to me. I am putting only one condition before him — merger of his LJP with the JD(U)".

In a sarcastic tone, he referred to Paswan questioning his standing in the party and said the "merger would anyway not have any effect on Paswan taking the leadership role as he himself said that I had no position in the party"

Making light of the charges that the JD(U) was trying to win over LJP MLAs, Kumar said "none of the JD(U) leaders can afford to stay in a hotel in Patna. Despite having a house there, he (Paswan) chooses to stay in a posh hotel. So it is there for everyone to see who can poach and who cannot".

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