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’Manmohan govt practising unbridled minorityism’

Wednesday 6 April 2005

New Delhi, April 5: Marking the occasion of its silver jubilee, BJP on Tuesday accused the Congress-led UPA government of practising "unbridled minorityism" and alleged that Sonia Gandhi as "super Prime Minister" was "exercising all authority with no accountability to Parliament".

Despite being under tremendous pressure from the Sangh Parivar to return to the ’Hindutva’ fold, the party at its special national executive session here avoided any reference to ’Hindutva’ or its pet issues in its president L.K. Advani’s opening remarks, the political resolution and even the resolution to celebrate the party’s silver jubilee.

Describing the nearly 11-month-old UPA government as "one of the most non-performing and contradiction-ridden regimes since independence", the party in a political resolution adopted at the meeting, said it was headed by "the weakest Prime Minister India has had".

"Born of a non-mandate, the UPA government has little to show as concrete achievement so far. Its only achievement is that it is about to complete one year in office - a year of betrayal of practically every promise contained in the arrangement’s common minimum programme", it said.

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