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Diaspora wants more than ’Indian Curry’

Sunday 9 January 2005

MUMBAI: Indian film-makers need to look beyond the ’Indian curry’ film cuisine catering to typical ethnic sensibilities and offer a wider choice to the Indian diaspora, which is now looking for a more varied fare, according to actor Rahul Bose.

Speaking at a session on the "Indian entertainment: the Indian diaspora factor" at the ongoing Pravasi Bharitya event, he said there was a popular misconception that the Indian diaspora was looking for something typically Indian when watching an Indian film.

The new Indian diaspora expects a varied fare, he said.

"We as Indians never respect the fact that the Indian diaspora can have a varied taste. Why do we perceive that they would only enjoy a Gujarati thali why not a Japanese dish. The current diaspora is more cosmopolitan than we think," he said.

To restrict the Indian diaspora to just loving the traditional ethnic taste was both "a misnomer and an insult to their intellectual sensibilities," he said. Skewing films to pander to the `Indian taste’ of the diaspora was a gross mistake.

"Give the diaspora a choice and let them decide", he said.

Calling for making of films that explored themes beyond what was perceived as typical Indian taste, Bose said that the current diaspora would go and watch films if they were good, irrespective of the fact whether they had an Indian backdrop or not.

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