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Terrorism part of Pak’s state policy: Advani


Thursday 31 July 2003

Article paru dans le Times of India, ?dition du 31 juillet 2003.

NEW DELHI: In an oblique attack on Pakistan, Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani on Thursday said it has made terrorism a part of its state policy threatening peace and development within that country itself.

"Today terrorism has emerged as the most potent foe of peace, development, freedom and social harmony in all the countries that it has targeted," Advani said while addressing a national seminar on Development as Freedom-an India Perspective.

"Indeed, it (terrorism) has threatened and jeopardised peace, development, freedom, democracy and social tranquility even in the country in our neighbourhood, which has made terrorism a part of its state policy," he said without taking Pakistan’s name.

He said the biggest threat to India’s external and internal security is cross-border terrorism, fuelled by religious extremism.

"It would have been more appropriate for me to speak after hearing Professor Amartya Sen but five persons have been killed in a blast in Bombay (Mumbai), at the very outset I may have to say something in Parliament," Advani said.

It is our resolve to crush terrorism and protect our people as well as protect the gains of our freedom and development, the Deputy Prime Minister said.

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