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Dalits seek reservation in private sector

Thursday 24 June 2004

By Our Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI, JUNE 24. Appealing to the corporate sector to fulfil its social responsibility, the Indian Justice Party today reiterated its demand for reservation for the Dalits in the private sector. The party also asked the Government to include the same in the forthcoming Budget.

"Reservation for the Dalits in the private sector has been included in the Common Minimum Programme of the United Progressive Alliance. Now it is time for the Government to include it in the Budget and for the Government to pass a legislation on this", said the Indian Justice Party president, Udit Raj, at a press conference here today.

Pointing out the anomalies in the usual debate on merit and efficiency put forward by the private sector, he added: "It is not correct to say that reservation would lead to reduction in efficiency. After all, alumni of IITs and IIMs are the most sought after people in the industry today. Yes, it is true that the private sector makes more profit than the government sector, but that is not because people are not good. It is because there is pressure in the private sector to perform whereas in the Government sector, with security of job, there is no such pressure".

According to Mr. Raj, the definition of merit should be holistic and should incorporate qualities such as honesty, hard work and integrity.

Asking Indian industrialists to learn from their American counterparts, Mr. Raj asserted: "The corporates in the US always remain in the forefront of carrying out societal obligations. They refer to reservations as Affirmative Action. What do the big business houses do in India? If we look at the list of 100 top taxpayers in the country, we will see that only two to four people are from the private sector. The others are all government companies. So what is their contribution to the country? Or are they only in the business of making profit?".

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in The Hindu, Thursday, June 24, 2004.

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